Adopt Harp from the Greyhound Adoption Center

HARP is a 3-year-old retired greyhound residing at the Greyhound Adoption Center in El Cajon. She arrived from the Caliente racetrack with Irish, Clover, Ireland, Dublin, Blarney, Limerick, Jig, Gaelic, and Donnybrook in March. The theme for their intake was St. Patrick’s Day!

According to her temperament test, Harp cannot live in a home with cats and tiny dogs, but would enjoy a canine playmate in the 25 to 30 pound range. Harp is an active, inquisitive, loving greyhound and would make a wonderful companion for an active family with older, respectful children. April is National Adopt-A-Greyhound month so Harp is here as an “ambassadog” to let everyone know greyhounds make wonderful pets!

All dogs from the Greyhound Adoption Center have a complete medical evaluation, are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and undergo a thorough dental cleaning. They are then fully evaluated for temperament and personality as well as tested with cats, small dogs, and young children before being profiled for a home.

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