Adopt Holly from Helen Woodward Animal Center

From Helen Woodward:

Holly is a happy young pup who loves to explore and play with friends.

We are not sure what else Holly is blended with besides Boston Terrier, but we do think that with the proper socialization, she will grow to be a fun-loving girl.

She will stay relatively small, so will be a good choice for people living in a smaller space.

She will still need exercise, but may be happier burning energy playing rather than running or hiking (you never know though!).

We are confident that Holly will grow to be a loving, sweet girl ready to bring joy to her forever family.

All pets adopted from Helen Woodward Animal Center have been spayed or neutered, have up-to-date vaccinations and microchip identification. Plus, get 25% your first stay at our Club Pet Boarding.

-Boston Terrier blend
-2mo old
-Currently 5lbs
-Estimated adult weight 20-30lbs

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