Adopt Mona & Lisa from Animal Rescuers Without Borders

Mona (mostly brown) and Lisa (brown and white) are both 10-lbs, and were found in the street together. We believe a family moved and left them behind. Mona is the most outgoing and leader of the two, while Lisa is the most gentle and calm in new surroundings. At home these two girls are amazing lap dogs who are extremely loving and not yappy barky dogs. They love humans and are completely fine with other dogs.

You can say they are gentle old souls who are looking for a loving family who would ideally be able to keep them together. We are not sure if perhaps they are mother and daughter or sisters or just good friends. Animal Rescuers Without Borders tries their best to adopt them together, and if they can’t, then they will try to find someone with another dog friend who’s similar in behavior so they can continue to have the companionship of a dog friend.

These girls have been in boarding and we are also looking for a long term foster family because chihuahuas sadly, aren’t the easiest to adopt and can last in foster care for a couple months. If someone would like to foster both girls together they are great companions and crate trained. ARWOB provides all supplies to the foster and veterinary care, and we are very flexible on helping when needed to get these girls to and from appointment or events.

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