Adopt a Pet: Trudie


Trudie and two other dogs were abandoned at the local shelter in September of 2016 by her owners Trudie was having a hard time adjusting to the kennel setting and ARWOB took her into their program.

Trudie had a lot of trust issues with humans, cowardliness, hand shy and scared/defensive. In the time we have had Trudie, she has been with 4 foster parents, and all love her! She had been a long term foster with ARWOB’s founder who has multiple dogs, both small and large, as well as cats. She never has a problem with any of the dogs, but interacted more with certain dogs. She would do fine with the cats if her human was present, not to be trusted alone with the kitties as she shows prey drive for squirrels, gophers, etc.

She had been in a foster home with a couple and she loved the husband but she still had her guard up with him off/on. So ideally a home with women or a very patient men who understands it will take months for her to feel completely comfortable with them and not threatened by men. We do believe her previous owner was a male and had a bad experience.
Luckily for Trudie, Kelly had seen a FB post about her and realized she was he same dog she had met at the shelter.

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