Adult & Kid Networking event happening tonight at Corporate Alliance

The Collective Access has teamed up with Corporate Alliance to offer a hybrid networking event combined with Adult & Kid Networking.

The kids will receive a brief introduction to our Kid Networking Program and a few words of encouragement from The Collective Access Board Members.

Attendees at this event are encouraged to learn the importance of networking, relationships, professional etiquette, and practice these skills by engaging with the other kids and professionals at the event.

From there, the students can cruise around to 3 stations centered around Kid Networking (Dream Big, Believe in Yourself, & Leadership) to practice their networking skills.

Refreshments for all ages will be provided

Corporate Alliance is a membership based organization that helps people create and manage successful business relationships and leads through world-class training, software, and networking events.

The Collective Access is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization teaching kids the importance of networking and the value of relationships.

To learn more about Kid Networking and The Collective Access’s youth programs, visit

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