Advice for parents during college application crunch time.

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – For most of the country, November means the start of the holiday season. But for high school seniors, it college applications “crunch time” with University of California and California State University deadlines at the end of the month.

Dr. Helen V. Griffith, Executive Director, E3 Civic High gave some Parent tips for supporting high school seniors during college applications “crunch time” on Good Morning San Diego.

Dr. Griffith’s Top 6 Tips for Parents:

1 – Help your scholar get organized and stay ahead of due dates. Put together a timeline of what needs to be done when, and post it in a central location in the home for everyone to see. Make it a family affair so everyone can be supportive. Be sure to build in time to deal with the unexpected curveballs like getting sick or the admissions portal crashing. Students who wait until the very last minute to submit their applications are creating undue stress for themselves.

2 – Create a spreadsheet that includes the status of each element of the application. When test scores have been submitted, check it off; when transcripts have been sent, mark it, etc. This way, nothing slips through the cracks.

3 – Break out the paper and pen and write down all password for applications. You would be amazed how many students scramble to remember their passwords and find themselves locked out of the system. Remember, parents have passwords too! Therefore, save, save, save…

4 – Attend a workshop on how to finance college. There are several resources, including free seminars at our school, on how to access generous (and full-ride!) scholarships and awards.

5 – Do mental health check-ins. This is a stressful time for students. Assure them that you love and support them for who they are, not what they accomplish. Remind them that others have applied to college and lived to tell the tale. The process may seem daunting, but not only will they survive it, they will have an opportunity to pursue a college degree and that is exciting! Be sure to celebrate when applications are submitted.

6 – Plan ahead for siblings. As your high school senior wraps up his or her applications, it’s the perfect time to focus on your younger children’s college careers. Join us for a free workshop for parents of seventh and eighth grade scholars as we discuss: academic assessment, PSAT and SAT prep, full-ride opportunities, financing, and more. Our next workshop is in December.

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