Advice for tenants and landlords during this pandemic

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) –   An estimated two million people in SD county rent their apartment or homes and with so many people out of work, paying rent is going to be difficult,  but an attorney who specializes in tenant rights say given the situation – there are some things you can do.

Everyone knows someone who is worried about paying their rent. For now, there’s a freeze on evictions.  The state of California has put a 60 day hold on going forward with the legal proceedings by landlords known as an unlawful detainer suit. And the City of San Diego has halted evictions until the end of May.

But that doesn’t mean you get a pass on rent- it just means you won’t get kicked out of your place in the next 60 days.

If you don’t pay rent now or next month, you will still be obligated to pay that two months of back rent, or else face eviction, when the eviction moratorium is lifted.

Attorney Christian Curry with the Tenants Legal Center says renters and landlords can try to work out a deal. Perhaps that means agreeing to pay half of April’s rent with a deal to pay the rest later.

Curry says since the courts are closed and there’s a moratorium on evictions, many landlords may be willing to hammer out a deal.

Don’t pay just part of the rent before you talk to your landlord.  If you can work out some kind of agreement to defer the rent or make a partial payment, be sure you get that deal in writing.

For more information, you can email the tenants legal center at

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