Advice on how to prevent and be prepared for wildfires

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) The Burn Institute’s Executive Director, Susan Day joined Good Morning San Diego to go over some tips on wildfire prevention and preparation.

From the Burn Institute’s website:

– Vehicles are a leading cause of accidental wildfire.

  • Always practice safe towing and make sure there are no dragging chains, which can throw sparks into nearby brush.
  •  Ensure that your vehicle is properly maintained, and nothing is dragging underneath your car.
  •  Regularly checking your tire pressure, as driving on an exposed wheel rim can cause dangerous sparks.
  •  Never pull over in dry grass. Hot exhaust pipes can ignite dead vegetation.

– In the event a wildfire does strike, every family should have a proper evacuation plan in place:

  • Create a list of important items that you would need to take during an evacuation including prescriptions, eyeglasses, important documents, essentials for your pets such as food and leashes, photos and anything else of value to your family. –
  •  Be sure to park your vehicle facing outwards so you have the best visibility when you have to drive away and remember to turn your headlights on when that time comes. –
  •  Know various routes out of your neighborhood, in case the usual roads become blocked. Practice driving these routes before an actual emergency occurs.-
  •  If time permits, close all windows and doors when you leave your home, remove curtains and other thin combustibles from windows, move furniture towards the center of the room and leave lights on to help firefighters see your home.

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