S.D. assembly candidate, advocate for independent CA proposes non-citizen voting

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Should non-citizens and citizens under the age of 16 be able to vote? One San Diego Assembly candidate thinks so.

Louis J. Marinelli said requiring voters to be U.S. citizens is contrary to what the nation stands for.

“The country was founded upon the principle of no taxation without representation,” Marinelli said. “Today in California we have millions of non-citizens residents who pay income and sales taxes, yet are not allowed to choose their representatives in Sacramento.

“That is taxation without representation and if we are to continue collecting taxes from the millions of non-citizen taxpayers then we must extend them the right to vote,” Marinelli said.

Marinelli also argues that the voter pool should include anyone 16 years of age or older to generate change. “If the same limited number of people go out and vote in every election, we’re going to essentially see the same results in every election,” Marinelli said.

If 16-year-olds are mature enough to drive and drop out of high school, then they are mature enough to say who they want to be governor, Marinelli said. He referenced Bernie Sanders, who is the overwhelming Democratic choice among young voters, to prove his point.

“Bernie Sanders’ political revolution is proof that our youth can be engaged in this process and we should encourage that,”Marinelli said.

Marinelli is the chairman of the California National Party, which seeks to establish California as a country independent of the United States. He advocated for initiatives that would have created an advisory group to explore establishing California’s autonomy.

A vote would have been required every four years on whether California should be a separate nation, the governor’s title would have been president of California and the California flag would have been displayed above the U.S. flag. These were just a few of his six measures, all of which failed to qualify for the ballot. 

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