Advocates for refugees speak out against Trump immigration reform

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Advocates for refugees and immigrant rights are speaking out against the proposed immigration change.

One day after authorizing the building of a border wall, President Trump gave more indications that he’s ready to bar the entry of many refugees.

On the steps of the County Administration Building, a coalition of groups, representing immigrants, refugees and human rights advocates took a defiant stand. 

They were condemning the measures by President Trump that would halt the entry of refugees from Syria and suspend visas for people coming from six other countries in the Middle East.

Hanif Mohebi spoke before the crowd of about 200, as the head of the Muslim Civil Rights Group, called "CAIR." Mohebi said the Trump Administration is stooping to prejudice and profiling.

Mohevi and other Muslims said these restrictions will not make Americans any safer.

Sonia Garcia is an American citizen who immigrated from Mexico. She’s also a Muslim.

Her homemade sign said she’s a mother and a daughter too and she said she’s intent on preserving her rights.

David Murphy is the director of a refugee resettlement agency in San Diego. 

San Diego welcomes about 4 percent of the total number of refugees allowed to enter and only after extensive background checks and multiple screenings.

Mark Arabo has been an outspoken advocate for Iraqi Christians who live in San Diego.

Arabo said Iraqis are suffering from a humanitarian crisis that was not of their own making.

He said President Trump should follow the example of another president, Gerald Ford, who ensured the safety of thousands of civilians at the close of the Vietnam War.

For now, those at the rally say there is uncertainty and fear of the unknown and what may lie ahead.

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