After the Finish Line Off the Track Thoroughbred Horse Show

Bring your Off the Track Thoroughbred to the After the Finish Line
Thoroughbred Series at the Del Sol Classic Horse Show at Del Mar Show
Park. Off the Track Thoroughbreds compete in Hunter and Jumper classes
in the horse show arena for $1,000 in prize money. OTTB's can transition
and excel in a second careers when their racing days are over. Bring
your Ex-Racer into the After the Finish Line Winner's Circle. Stop by
our booth to learn more about the Ex-Racehorses.

After the Finish
Line,, is an all volunteer 501 (c) 3 funding
non-profit dedicated to the welfare of Thoroughbred horses that can no
longer race or breed. We provide year round funding to rescue
organizations to save horses at auctions, to rehabilitate and re-train
these talented horses for a second career off the racetrack. In 2011 we
funded 70 rescue organizations helping over 300 horses. After the Finish
Line will be a voice for Thoroughbred horses that are not supported
when their racing careers are over.

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