After weeks of hiding, Kevin Beiser’s appearance leaves more questions than answers

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – After nearly of month of hiding, San Diego Unified trustee Kevin Beiser showed up at tonight’s board meeting, but his appearance left more questions than answers.

Not even the board knows what’s going on.

Beiser showed up today like business as usual. He then he slipped out without saying a word about the allegations or addressing the fact that the board wants him gone.

The embattled board member hasn’t spoken to the media, or more importantly his constituents, since March 19 when four men went public with their allegations of sexual harassment and assault. That’s when he sent a text claiming innocence followed by weeks of silence.

Beiser hasn’t been proven guilty in a court of law but his detractors argue he can’t focus on clearing up the accusations in court. He’s indefinitely left his Chula Vista Middle School teaching job but apparently has no intention of leaving his political office, to the dismay of his peers.

Tom Keliinoi is the Republican who ran against Beiser and lost, and while he may be waiting in the wings to take the title of District B trustee, the only other option for voters is a recall election. The board cannot force Beiser to step down.

So why is Beiser showing up only to slip out before the meeting ends? Will he resign? Does he plan on fighting these allegations? The media, the board, superintendent Cindy Marten, and most importantly tax payers and his constituents have no idea what’s going.

It’s not clear where San Diego Unified goes from here.

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