AirNoise button instantly files airplane noise complaints

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Point Loma residents deal with rattled windows and shaking homes everyday because of the noise in the sky.

AirNoise creator Chris McCann is arming the community with a new tool in the fight against noisy flights over their homes.

McCann invented a system that will file a detailed noise complaint with a click of a button.

McCann says, “It gets detailed information about the flight, the airline, the tail number, where the airplane is going to an from, how high it was, how close it was to the person who clicked the button. It puts all that information to a noise complaints that sends directly to the airport authority.”

McCann says its going to take the community standing together to make a change with the FAA.

Some Point Loma community members say the noisy skies come with the land. “Just kinda came with the territory, just like the marine layer in the morning and the traffic and anything else”, says Nick Muscolino.

McCann says the San Diego Airport authority is proactive, creating committees to suggest changes to the FAA.

The San Diego International Airport take every complaint seriously, but prefer people use their noise complaint tools because their system is directly tied to the FAA radar.

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