Alcohol banned from Coaster trains

OCEANSIDE (CNS) – The North County Transit District Board of Directors voted unanimously Thursday to ban alcohol consumption on the Coaster train, beginning Feb. 1.

The agency has been grappling for a way to deal with a problem with public drunkenness on its trains, particularly following Padres games.

Booze isn’t sold aboard the Coaster, but people are currently allowed to bring on open containers and consume alcoholic beverages until 9 p.m. The time restriction was instituted five years ago, in reaction to frequent reports of rowdy behavior and drunken brawls aboard late northbound runs.

Last year, the NCTD launched a public information campaign aimed at increasing civility, and increased the presence of sheriff’s deputies and code enforcement officers. The agency said that alcohol consumption continued to result in passenger misconduct.

Safety and liability concerns prompted the ban, according to the agency.

Also today, the board banned the use of vapor inhalers, commonly known as electronic cigarettes. Use of the devices has been restricted by the county and city of San Diego, and a few other local municipalities — limiting their use in many public places

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