Alex Spanos All Star Classic Pregame Dinner

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The Spanos All Star Classic is the longest running all star game in California. Many have had the honor to play in the game and go on to play in the pros such as former Bronco John Lynch and former Chargers linebacker Donnie Edwards just to name a few.

The game was set to a North vs. South format in 1995. On Thursday evening both squads meeting at Marina Village for the annual player dinner. Both squads sit and eat a meal in the same room and receive their jerseys before Saturday's big game.

"It's a little weird. I've never head when you're going to war with someone you have dinner two days before," says North squad member Ryan Huerta.

That explains how competitive the game is for an all star game. This is the last opportunity for these players to showcase their skills on the high school football field.

"I'm just excited that I get another chance to play football," says 2014 Silver Pigskin finalist and South squad member Isaiah Capoocia.

The current record for the classic is a 10-10 tie. The South has made a surge to win the last four. The game will take place at Mesa College on Saturday, July 11th at 6pm.

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