Alliance San Diego says you should vote ‘Yes on Prop 15’ to increase property taxes

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – This November, California voters will decide on a measure that is designed to tax commercial and industrial real property to raise funds for local governments, public schools and community colleges.

Opponents are adamant it is just another tax hike by Democrat politicians in San Diego, that has been disguised as an initiative to help schools, using coronavirus as validation to do so.

If passed, Proposition 15 will tax commercial and industrial real estate properties on current market value. Currently, these properties are taxed at the purchasing value.

Residential and any other property valued at three million dollars or less would be exempt from the tax hike.

Chairman of Reform California, Carl DeMaio, joined KUSI News last weekend to explain why he believes Proposition is misleading California voters. DeMaio said, “the reality is this, you’re going to have politicians take hostages, and this is how it will play out. Sacramento politicians, with Gavin Newsom, just passed a budget in the past week, that is $14 billion short, sound familiar? $14 billion short, oh but then they put a $14 billion tax increase on the ballot in November.”

DeMaio continued, “What’s going to happen is we’re going to get closer to the election, and as ballots are mailed out in early October, the politicians will say unless you vote Yes on 15, they’re going to have to slash programs for children, slash program for the elderly. Here’s the other thing that I predict is happening, they’re going to say if you don’t vote for Prop 15 they will have to shut the schools early, or actually slash the schools immediately after the election. You see local school board members backing this property tax increase with Prop 15, and what they’re saying is we don’t have enough money to keep schools open, when we reopen sometime in late August, even with COVID-19 restrictions. What they’re doing is they’re putting a gun to the head of the voter, and they’re taking hostages. Children, schools, older people, the reality is this, we’ve got more than enough money in the budget to fund those important programs if politicians cut wasteful spending like, get rid of the high speed rail project.

To refute DeMaio’s stance, and Californians who oppose yet another tax increase, is the Executive Director of Alliance San Diego, Andrea Guerrero.

Guerroro and supporters of Prop 15 want you to vote ‘Yes on 15’ because “it is our opportunity to raise revenue to the tune of $12 billion a year, and that would mean $700 million here in San Diego County, to support our local schools, our local community colleges, and our local community services. These are certainly the things that we need right now during the pandemic, but they’re the things that we need every single day.”

Guerroro went on to say that Prop 15 is an opportunity to “close a loophole in Prop 13, that has existed for 40 years, this is a 40 year fix, a long time in the making, and really to fix something that should not have been passed in the first place.”

More information about the ‘Yes on 15’ campaign can be found here:

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