Allie Wagner

Allie Wagner will return to the PPR once again this year.  Entering her fifth season on the show, Wagner is looking forward to her new role as co-host Friday morning's Alarm Clock Pep Rally.

A career in sports broadcasting is something Wagner knew she wanted to do since the age of nine. “I would watch Monday Night Football and just know that I needed to be involved in sports broadcasting,” she said.  After Wagner graduated from Ramona High School, she pursued a journalism degree at San Diego State. 

She soon landed her first job working in radio for XTRA Sports 1360/KOGO before she came over to work with the PPR as a field producer.  Working her way up the ladder, Wagner has now been producing and reporting on sports for KUSI full-time for the past two years. 

Wagner enjoys covering high school football for many reasons.  She says the game played in this format is the game at its best. “It is football at its most basic, with people who are truly passionate about the game,” says Wagner, “The PPR is a way to stay a child at heart being able to watch all the excitement that goes on with these kids and be right in the middle of it all.”

When Wagner is not mentoring the Idols, she enjoys watching football and staying active with beach volleyball, workouts and walking her dog, Jack.


 What is your best memory working with the Pigskin Idols?

Working with the Pigskin Idols has truly been a privilege. I have memories from everyone I have ever worked with, but one definitely stands out. In my first year with the Idols, Parkview Little League from Chula Vista had just won the Little League World Series, and star player Luke Ramirez was set to make his Idol debut. At the end of the game the Idol talks to the star of the game and afterwards the players can get rowdy. Luke was only 13 years old at the time, but 6' 6″ tall. I was trying to block the players from running him over but clearly he needed no help and I got knocked on the head. After that experience I always warn people to run after they ask the question and I make sure to stay clear.”

 What is your worst memory working on the PPR?

In my first year I wrote a score down wrong for Mr. Rudy. I will never, ever, forget that mistake.”

 What does the PPR mean to the community?

Growing up in San Diego, I know the PPR has been a staple in high school football. The opportunity that it gives to kids to experience being on television can be life changing. We have so much athletic talent in San Diego it amazes me every week to see that showcased.”

Twitter: @Alliewagner17

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