American Heart Association’s CPR/AED Awareness week

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – There is an average of 1,100 out of hospital Cardiac Arrest deaths per year in San Diego City. That’s an average of three a day.

“From different internal sources, we have seen an increase of 10 to 15% since the outbreak of COVID-19 in out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest. Much of this theory is based on the public’s fear of going to the ER where Coronavirus patients are. Fearful that they will be exposed to Coronavirus if they go there. Instead, they end up dying from Cardiac Arrest in their homes and in public places,” said Maureen O’Connor, PAD Program Manager/Emergency Medical Technician.

There are two basic signs/symptoms of Cardiac Arrest:

  • NO RESPONSE (can’t rouse them or wake them up).
  • NO BREATHING (no normal breathing. Sudden gasps intermittently are not normal breathing). No more than 10 seconds! Immediately CALL 911 – GET AN AED – START PUMPING ON THE CHEST/mid-nipple line/110 beats per minute/1/3 depth of the victim’s chest.

O’Connor said Pulsepoint is a free and simple Smart Phone application that alerts users in real-time of a “public” Cardiac Arrest incident occurring within a ¼ mile radius of their physical location.


It notifies users of the location of the incident and the closest public AEDs available for use via GPS SmartPhone app. The app. allows for an immediate response from the closest available rescuer to aid the emergency until emergency crews arrive to scene.

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