American hero buried with full honors 100 years after death

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – History was made Thursday at Miramar National Cemetery. A true American hero was buried will full honors, almost 100 years after he died here in San Diego.

He was among the first American heroes.

But until now, very few people knew his name or what he did.

It may be long overdue, but Sgt. Charles Schroeter is finally getting the honor he deserves. 

One of the first ever Medal of Honor winners, Schroeter fought with the Union Army in the Civil War and later against the Native Americans, particularly the famous Indian chief known as Cochise. 

During that battle with the Apache Army, Sgt. Schroeter was shot and stabbed and sliced with a sword. But through it all, he kept on going.

Later, he would be among the first American troops to be granted the Congressional Medal of Honor, even though he was an immigrant from Germany.

This ceremony may have never happened if not for the Congressional Medal of Honor Society and the local masons.

After his long military career, Sgt. Schroeter moved to San Diego where he died and his ashes buried at Greenwood Cemetery, with no ceremony.

94-years after his death, those ashes are not sitting side-by-side with other military heroes at Mira Mar National Cemetery.

As of Thursday, there have been 3,500 medal of honor winners with only 400 of them buried in military cemeteries.

With a new headstone and gold lettering, Sgt. Charles Schroeter finally takes his place in American History.

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