“America’s toughest Sheriff” speaks out on immigration crisis

One of the main issues taking place in California and other states is the migrant crisis. It’s an issue particularly felt in San Diego due to being so close to the Border. Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio speaks about the flood of migrants into our country live at KUSI-TV with anchorman Ross Becker. Arpaio is known as “America’s toughest Sheriff” and who is thus very outspoken on the topic of immigration into the United States. Friday, he didn’t hold back his opinions by blaming the Obama Administration for no real action in fixing the current migrant problem. But, Arpaio did admit it is a difficult problem to fix.

“First of all, we should be asking them for money, then take away some foreign aid. Number two, where was the Mexican president? The most important country – all these kids are coming through Mexico. Why didn’t (the Obama Administration) invite the Mexican president, or have a summit that our president go to Mexico and have the meeting in Mexico?”

“The (undocumented migrants) are still going to come; they’ve been coming for years. All at once, because some are children, everybody’s getting excited about it. But the reason they’re coming is they think they have a free pass because of the hype, propaganda and lack of action by our country.”

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