Analyzing the Iraq air strikes with Tony Perry

LA Times and San Diego Bureau Chief Tony Perry was live Friday at KUSI News to offer his thoughts on the latest developments in Iraq.

Perry comments the air strikes:

“We’re 24 hours into it now. About 24 hours ago, when the president made his announcement that he was authorizing humanitarian relief for those tens of thousands who were trapped and he was also drawing a line in the sand if ISIS tries to attack the Kurdish capitol of Irbil, where there are Americans. We’ve had two, maybe three – depending on how you count it – air strikes, drones, FA-18s that play off the carrier Bush, and the question is ‘what now?’ Will ISIS continue to push on Irbil, or do they now believe that America will strike them?”

“But the larger question I think is: what are we going to do with those tens of thousands of people there on Mount Sinjar – which is really kind of a plateau. They are encircled, they are hungry, they are cold, they are thirsty. They’re air-dropping material in, but that’s just sustaining them – how are we going to rescue them? Are we going to help the Iraqis? Or the Kurds? Or the Turks? Or somebody rescue them? It’s going to be a very important weekend, the next 24-48 hours. I think there’s a lot of talk going on in the White House.”

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