Analyzing the left’s hysteria around COVID-19 after President Trump’s quick recovery

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – President Trump is back at the White House after a three-day stay at Walter Reed Medical Center.

He returned Monday night, after being moved to Walter Reed out of an abundance of caution.

While the survival rate for those infected with COVID-19 is 99.98% for people younger than 49-years-old, President Trump is 74-years-old and the survival rate is slightly lower for his age group, but still very high.

For people over 70 years old, the survival rate is about 94.6%.

After arriving at the White House, Trump released a video message telling Americans, “don’t let it dominate you, do not be afraid of the virus.”

Author and New York Times columnist Alex Berenson has been speaking out on this point for a long time.

He joined KUSI’s Paul Rudy on Good Morning San Diego to explain why he thinks this is one of the most powerful things President Trump has said during his presidency.

Berenson discussed why the media and many Democrat leaders have constantly overstated the risk most people have to the virus and used that to make horrible public policy decisions.

KUSI News posted a graphic of the coronavirus survival rates of different age groups to Instagram, and it was censored for being, “false information.” This is another issue that Berenson has brought needed attention too. Berenson explained that most of our media is complicit in the fearmongering tactics that our elected leaders have taken when making decisions and speaking about coronavirus.

The censorship of the survival rates, produced with data from, is just one of the latest examples.

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