“Anchorman” board game is mix of MadLibs meets newsroom

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The pandemic has triggered a need for recreation at home. Board game sales are up more than 20%, while Playdough and puzzles are seeing a 200% spike in sales.

Market experts attribute this trend to people staying home and looking for something other than screen-time.

Barry & Jason Games and Entertainment launched the newest game on the market, Anchorman, The Legend of Ron Burgandy.  This is the latest creation by Barry & Jason.  The idea is to put players in the anchor chair and see where the teleprompter will take them.  Other players create scripts for the anchor to read, similar to MadLibs.

Other games created by Barry & Jason include Game Night in a Can, and Election Results:The Game, a print and play version.

The duo funded their business adventure through kick-starter just before the pandemic hit.  Anchorman:The Game is available at Target and on Amazon.

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