And away they go!

Season 18 of the Prep Pigskin Report is upon us. The entire cast of 2015 is returning, and we’ve also added a few new faces for your viewing pleasure.

Former Helix High Head Football Coach Troy Starr will be joining the PrePR Team. Coach Starr will join me on the campus of the PPR Game of the Week.  (Coach John Carroll will co-host for games north of the I-52.) Coach Starr will not only help break down the Game of the Week, but will also ride shotgun for the multitude of live shots that take place during the 5pm-7pm PrePR time frame.

Danielle Norman and Mike Millburn will handle a social media segment that is currently being built into the Prep Pigskin Report rundown. The 2 long-time members of The PPR team have been tasked with increasing the shows "Interactivity".  They’ve tried to explain to me the importance of, "likes", "hash tags" and "re-tweets" but my mind immediately begins to drift to a simpler time of eating apple pie on the porch with Aunt B. Danielle & Mike insist you will enjoy our ever increasing social media footprint. 

Otherwise the show remains the same exciting combination of highlights, in-depth features and live in-studio guests. We call it the fastest "65 minutes in television" and for good reason. I challenge you to find another local TV station in the country that deploys up to 35 2-person game crews, along with 4 live trucks and 2 Live View man packs that together turn highlights from as many as 40 different games for a Friday night live broadcast! The costs and technical challenges alone are a deal breaker for most station executives. But here at KUSI "More Local News" means "More Local Sports" as well.

If you have any PPR questions, complaints, or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact me at  I try to respond to everyone individually and when time doesn’t allow for that, I try and address the most popular question or issue of the week. As Pink famously sang, "Let’s get this party started!"  We’ll see you Friday night at 10:30pm on KUSI-TV or


Paul W. Rudy

Creator of the Prep Pigskin Report

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