Animal Control confiscates at least 70 cats from filthy conditions in Lakeside apartment

LAKESIDE (KUSI) — Animal control officers confiscated scores of cats Thursday found living in crowded and filthy conditions in an apartment near Lindo Lake County Park, authorities reported.

The unhealthy and inhumane hoarding case in the 9700 block of Channel Road in Lakeside was reported in the early afternoon, according to the county Department of Animal Services.

Investigating officers found at least 70 semi-feral cats living in the heavily cluttered, foul-smelling residence, which had feces scattered on the floor, DAS spokesman Dan DeSousa said.

The retirement-age person living in the apartment was cooperative with authorities, and the felines, while poorly socialized with humans, appeared largely healthy and reasonably well-fed, DeSousa said.

The cats will be housed in at least one of the county’s three animal shelters, evaluated by veterinarians and provided any necessary medical care, the spokesman said. They then will be adopted out if possible.

"Since they’re not very friendly, that’ll be a challenge,” DeSousa said.

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