Annual King tide brings in flooding and sewage from Tijuana River

IMPERIAL BEACH (KUSI)- The people of Imperial Beach have yet another problem with water. This time it’s a trifecta of problems. Dirty water, big waves and a King tide.

“Oh, yeah. My garage was flooded and there was water everywhere”, says Cassandra Berger of I.B.

The water started spilling into the roads at the peak of high tide, about 7:30 this morning.

“So the King tide is an annual thing. We get them when the moon moves closest to the earth. But this year it’s different. Combined with the 6 to 8 foot waves, and we’re seeing coastal flooding and coastal erosion”, says Paloma Aguirre of the Imperial Beach City Council.

It’s not over yet. Oh no! The highest tide of the King tide is Saturday morning at 7:45.

“We can expect the King Tide until December 25th”, says Aguirre.

But things will be different. The big machines were called out to make really big mountains of sand. This should stop the King Tide from rushing into the streets again.

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