Annual Reminders from Your Vet: What Do They all Mean

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Good Morning San Diego veterinarian expert Dr. Lauren Coulson from Helen Woodward Animal Center discussed annual veterinary visits for pets.

Common K9/Feline Annual Reminders:
-Annual Exam: All pets should be seen once yearly. Remember 1 year equals roughly 7 years in their life – a lot can happen in that time!
-Fecal: Even a normal stool can harbor parasites; some can be transmitted to people. This is especially important for families with children or immune compromised individuals
-Deworming: There are such things false negatives, no fecal test in 100%. Be sure your pet has no parasites!
-Bloodwork/Labwork: Routine labs can help catch issues early on before they become a major problem. Early intervention may be able to extend a pet’s life and it is never a bad idea!

Common Feline Annual Reminders:
-FeLV/FIV test: Both are viral infections that should be tested for yearly in outdoor cats. Indoor cats may only need to be tested once.
-FVRCP: Given in series as a kitten, subsequently in one year, and every 3 years as an adult, all cats should receive this vaccine regardless of lifestyle. It protects against Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Panleukopenia.
-Rabies: Given once annually as a kitten and then every 3 years as an adult, it is highly recommended, but not required by law like it is for dogs. Given the threat rabies possesses to human health, rabies vaccines are important for our pets to have!
FeLV: It protects the Leukemia virus and should be given to outdoor cats only. It requires 2 boosters, and is boostered every 2 years as an adult

Common K9 Reminders:
-Heartworm Test: Transmitted by mosquitoes, adult heartworms cause heart failure. Southern California does not have a large problem with heartworm, but testing and preventative still recommended because it can be fatal.
-Bordetella: Protects against ‘Kennel Cough’ or a bacterial doggie cold. If your dog is around other dogs in any capacity, they should be vaccinated annually.
-DHPP: Protects against Distemper, Parvo, Hepatitis, and Parainfluenza. It is given in series as a puppy, then boostered in a year, and given every three years as an adult. Every dog should have this vaccine regardless of its lifestyle.
-Rabies: It is required by law for every dog to have this vaccine. The first vaccine is good for one year, and the subsequent are good for 3 years.

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