ANOC World Beach Games announce new technology partnership

The San Diego Local Organizing Committee for ANOC World Beach Games 2019 announced that it has inked a Tier 1 global partnership deal with San Diego-based Total Communicator Solutions, Inc. (TCS) that aims to deliver a next-generation fan activation strategy, thanks to the company’s proprietary Spark Compass™ contextually intelligent communications platform.

The ANOC World Beach San Diego, scheduled to take place in October of 2019, is designed to become an all encompassing showcase for innovative technology ranging from fan engagement to smart city innovations.

In that regard, the patented Spark Compass integrates beacons, augmented reality, smart city sensors and other sensors to enable contextually intelligent communication, bridging the gap between the physical and digital spaces.

Erik Bjontegard, Founder and CEO of TCS, gave a glimpse into the exciting world of augmented intelligence at the most recent AWBG Working group meeting held in San Diego, where ANOC Secretary General Mrs. Gunilla Lindberg and other senior ANOC representatives were in attendance. Erik showcased intelligent display and diverse applications that are expected to be game changers in how fans engage and consume content.

“We are excited at the opportunity to partner with the ANOC World Beach Games San Diego 2019,” stated Erik. “The intersection of youth-focused sports and the global nature of the Games is the perfect foundation for harnessing tomorrow’s technology today. It’s all about making smart things intelligent, which lies at the heart of our expertise. As the Games are activated with the Spark Compass ‘platform of platforms,’ we’re paving the way for the future of sports and large-scale entertainment events.”

Vincent E. Mudd, Chairman of the San Diego Local Organizing Committee added: “Our partnership with San Diego’s own TCS and its cutting edge Spark Compass technology is a testament to the breadth of innovation and thought leadership that exists in our region. We envision the 2019 Games to move the needle in how content is curated and delivered not only to our audience that will enjoy the Games in beautiful San Diego, but all the way to our global fans joining us from the 206 Association of National Olympic Committees member countries. It is indeed, exciting times.”

Feben Yohannes, Head of Marketing and Public Relations for the San Diego Local Organizing Committee also added: “Having Spark Compass as a Global Partner amplifies our message that ANOC World Beach Games San Diego will be positioned as a platform to showcase innovations in every aspect of the Games. From enhanced AR with data overlays with offers from local sponsors, to hyper localized experiences delivered globally, our sponsors will be able to interact with fans in new ways with real-time offer redemption and Augmented Reality merchandise activation.

“Such multi-tenant Spark Compass technology enables integrations with diverse applications, including in-water pollution measurements, to location based dispatch of staff. “We are excited at the prospect of delivering unprecedented Return on Investment for our Sponsors and stakeholders.” Feben stated.

To experience Spark Compass Intelligent Display in action,

Download and launch the Spark Compass App
Click on the AWBG 2019 logo
Click on AR Posters
Hover over poster and enjoy AWBG videos.

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