Another round of enrollment for Covered California

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – November 1st brought a new round of open enrollment for Covered California.

Last year, there were major problems trying to get people to sign up for health insurance online, so officials changed strategies and decided to go to the people.

It’s a different marketing strategy.

There are commercials on TV and on the radio, there are more centers and storefronts offering opportunities to sign-up for health coverage and more outreach, plus a focus on the Latino community.

Joe Hernandez is going door to door now every day, urging people to sign-up for Covered California because it’s the law to have health insurance and because between two and four million people in this state don’t have any and so more people don’t have to live through the nightmare Fernando Castillo is living through now.

Castillo had no health insurance because he’d been relatively healthy all of his 59 years.

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