Anti-police art installation in Escondido causes controversy

ESCONDIDO (KUSI) – A controversial art installation is causing a stir in Escondido as many are saying the exhibit promotes an anti-police theme.

The piece is titled, “Three Slick Pigs” and the artist, OG Slick, says he is bringing attention to excessive police force and abuse of power. It features three pigs in police uniforms, dancing in front of a group of officers in riot gear.

Escondido Mayor Paul McNamara says many residents have reached out to him, some opposed and some in favor. McNamara told KUSI’s Matt Prichard that he thinks it at least should be more clear on what it is trying to express.

The art installation is in the California Center for the Arts, Escondido, directly next to City Hall, so the Mayor of Escondido has no authority to remove it.

In response, the California Center for the Arts board of trustees to vote on keeping the piece in place, which they did. Sara Matta, the Chair of CCAE Board of Trustees, issued a statement saying, “the Board voted to continue CCAE’s support of the Street Legacy: SoCal Style Masters exhibition and of the installation in question without removing, covering or otherwise editing it.”

Artist OG Slick said the controversial artwork, “only reinforces my beliefs and bringing these issues to the forefront is the right thing to do.”

Mayor McNamara says he doesn’t want to censor OG Slick, but rather use the controversy to get more dialogue between both sides.

KUSI’s Matt Prichard has all the details.

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