Anti-Semitic incidents on the rise according to Alliance San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A San Diego nonprofit group Monday condemned a series of recent attacks against Jews and their religious institutions, including a machete rampage at a New York rabbi’s home over the weekend.

Christopher Rice-Wilson, associate director of Alliance San Diego, said in a statement that his group is calling on all community members to “stand with survivors to recognize our shared humanity, practice love and exercise vigilance to protect one another.”

He added Alliance San Diego is “deeply concerned about the rising anti-Semitism and divisive rhetoric that has led to a string of attacks against the Jewish community and most recently the attack of Hanukkah celebrants in New York.”

Five people were hospitalized as the result of the machete attack on Saturday at the home of a rabbi in Monsey, 36 miles north of New York City. A 38-year-old suspect was later arrested in Harlem in connection with the attack, which New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has called an “act of domestic terrorism.”

A family attorney said the suspect has a long history of mental illness and hospitalizations.

Political leaders ranging from the governor of New York to President Donald Trump have condemned the attack.

Rice-Wilson said that “in a diverse and truly inclusive society, there is no place for hate by, or against, anyone. Everyone is familiar with the quote from Dr. (Martin Luther) King, `An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”‘

Founded in 2007, Alliance San Diego describes itself as a non-partisan community empowerment organization.

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