ANTIFA and BLM members confront Trump supporters at ‘Patriot March’ in Pacific Beach

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Three people were arrested on Saturday after members of ANTIFA and BLM arrived at the scheduled, pro-Trump “Patriot March” at the intersection of Mission Boulevard and Hornblend Street in Pacific Beach, California.

The “Patriot March” was scheduled for 2:00 PM Saturday. However, before the march could begin, the group of ANTIFA and BLM members confronted the Trump supporters.

The members of ANTIFA were then met by police in full riot gear, which is when things began turning violent.

Police say members of ANTIFA were dressed in all black and threw rocks, glass bottles, and eggs at the officers.

“Please clear the area and head away from the scene,” police aired from a police helicopter loudspeaker. “Those who remain or return against this lawful order may be cited/arrested and risk exposure to chemical agents and less-lethal force applications,” police told the two groups.

The group of black-clad protesters, one displaying an “Antifascist Action” banner, could be heard chanting “racists go home.”

There are multiple videos of the members of ANTIFA threatening and macing people who they came in contact with, including a woman and a dog.

Police reportedly fired pepper balls at some in the crowd to break up the interactions.

San Diego Police declared an “unlawful assembly” in the area around 2:30 PM due to acts of violence and asked the groups to clear the area. The San Diego Police Department tweeted out a statement saying, “we will always facilitate peaceful protests. However, we will not tolerate acts of violence.”

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