South Sudan oil money corruptly funds civil war, say reports

JUBA, South Sudan

JUBA, South Sudan (AP) — Two investigative groups allege that South Sudan’s state-owned oil company is being used to fund the country’s civil war, including a government-aligned militia accused of human rights abuses.

Global Witness, in a report released Tuesday, says millions of dollars in oil revenue are being funneled from Nile Petroleum into South Sudan’s national security service, footing the bill for war, now in its fifth year.

The Sentry, an investigative group co-founded by George Clooney, alleges that more than $80 million was paid to South Sudanese politicians, military officials, government agencies, and companies owned by politicians and members of their families.

The United States calls the findings deeply disturbing.

Nile Petroleum denies funding any military activity and says the money is being used for community projects such as roads, schools and hospitals.

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