April Fools Day Prank: Potato Chip Rock Breaks


POWAY (KUSI) — Did you fall for it? We didn’t either. To be fair, Poway Mayor Steve Vaus gave KUSI’s Elizabeth Alvarez a heads up when she was there covering the progress on the Tony Gwynn statue last week. 

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In a series of tweets, Mayor Vaus led people to believe the popular Potato Chip Rock on Mt. Woodson had broken.

After teasing that something had happened to the famous landmark, Vaus delivered the "bad news."

In addition to the tweets, email blasts were also sent out and his Poway Now website was updated with the prank to make it seem even more legitimate. 

"Overseeing the repair will be world renowned adhesive expert Dr. Lirpa Sloof, Chairman Emeritus, School of Viscoelastics, University of Eastern Finland. Sloof, inventor of Krazy Glue, says a quick repair can be made. “This is simple science. Using the latest acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives, which actually increase the intensity of their bond over time, the rock will be better than new!”

If you needed anymore indication this was all a hoax, spell Dr. Lirpa Sloof’s name backwards and you get April Fools.

The prank ended up going viral, but if you read the news announcement to the very end, you would see that it a prank, all in good fun.

“I’ll be closely monitoring this,” Vaus added. “Knowing our City staff, the repair will be completed ahead of schedule. And there’s no doubt in my mind Potato Chip Rock will be stronger than ever after the repair and ready to welcome visitors for many more April Fools Days to come.”

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