Are taxpayer dollars funding pro-abortion billboards in California?

UPDATE – KUSI has confirmed Planned Parenthood funded the pro-abortion billboards.

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Friday, the Supreme Court of the United States officially overturned Roe v. Wade.

As we know, the court’s opinion was leaked a few weeks ago, so the court’s announcement was not a total shock.

The Supreme Court’s ruling did not ban abortion, despite many Democrat politicians wanting you to think that. In reality, the 6-3 ruling held that the right to abortion is not included in the United States Constitution. So, each of the fifty states should be able to make their own legislation on the issue.

For example, Mississippi will not have the same laws for abortion as we have here in California. Just as we don’t have the same laws regarding other issues.

But nonetheless, Democrats here in San Diego are pushing people to overreact as if the Supreme Court banned abortion nationwide. In California, abortion is legal, and there is no sign that will ever change, as it supported by the majority of California voters.

In the week since the SCOTUS ruling became official, there has already been billboards appearing throughout the state promoting abortion.

The billboards use the same marketing style and font as seen on Visit California tourism ads, and San Diegans are asking if their tax dollars are being used to fund these.

Monday, San Diego’s elected officials from all levels held a press conference in opposition to the Supreme Court’s ruling, and to once again confirm that abortion will be legal in the State of California.

KUSI News noticed that the same image being promoted on billboards, was also on the podium during Monday’s press conference, which leads us to ask; are taxpayer dollars being used to fund the pro-abortion billboards?

KUSI has reached out to the state, Mayor Todd Gloria’s office, and Clearchannel to find out who is funding the billboard.

Mayor Todd Gloria’s office tells KUSI News that they don’t know who is funding the billboard.

KUSI has confirmed Planned Parenthood funded the pro-abortion billboards.

KUSI’s Ed Lenderman was live in City Heights where one of the pro-abortion billboards is prominently displayed on El Cajon Blvd.

KUSI News shared the photo to Instagram, and our viewers had plenty to say in support and in opposition to the billboard.

Many of the comments in opposition to the billboard point out the signage is in a low-income part of California, and on top of a church. The church or nearby businesses have no connection to the billboard.


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