Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake (R) campaigns on common sense conservatism

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – While Californians prepare for a Recall election of Governor Gavin Newsom in September, the race for Arizona’s next governor could be decided in November.

The Kari Lake for Governor Campaign is calling for the most partisan Secretary of State in the history of Arizona, Katie Hobbs, to step down from her duties in administering the 2022 election when Hobbs will be a candidate for Governor.

This comes in response to what investigators into the 2020 election have reported to the public, who have lost confidence in Hobbs ability to run a fair and impartial election.

Lake’s campaign tells KUSI News that “it was revealed by the investigators during an Arizona Senate hearing on Thursday that voter roll anomalies affected tens of thousands of ballots, including 74,243 mail-in ballots with no clear record of being sent out, 11,326 who voted did not show up on the voter rolls until a month later and 3,981 who voted on Election Day were registered after 10/15, which would be a violation of state law.” Dozens more issues were laid out during the hearing, including the bleed-through of Sharpie markers on ballots used during election day voting at the polls.

Republican candidate and former news anchor, Kari Lake, says she is taking a stand against Hobbs, and running on a platform of common sense conservatism dedicated to individual liberties, low taxes, limited regulation, and protecting Arizona’s great Wester heritage.

Lake joined KUSI’s Lauren Phinney to discuss her campaign in more detail on Good Morning San Diego.

Lake recently made headlines after publishing a video against forced vaccinations saying, “enough is enough.”

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