Army engineer on leave surprises mom in Hanson traffic stop

COLORADO (KUSI) – Darlene Humes was expecting a ticket, but received a camouflaged surprise when she was pulled over by the Hanson Police Department on June 29. 

The stunt was an elaborate plan set up by MacCallister, a combat engineer with the U.S. Army, who had just returned home on leave from Fort Carson in Colorado.

“He wanted to do something special when he got home to surprise his family,” said Police Chief Michael Miksch.

The plan was hatched over the weekend when MacCallister contacted the Hanson Police Department for help with the surprise. 

“They knew he was coming home, they just didn’t know when,” Miksch said

When MacCallister touched down on June 29, the plan was set into motion.

“He came in this morning when he got in, and we set it up so that one of the guys stopped her,” Miksch said.

Another officer was there to catch the heart-warming moment in a video.

“It was just a little something for us to do that means a lot to the family,” Miksch said.

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