Arraignment for Mike Montana to be held Tuesday

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – General contractor Frank Coit said he was not surprised when he learned that a man wanted for the shooting of KFMB Sports Anchor Kyle Kraska was a man he used to know: Mike Montana.

Coit runs a contracting business in Santee.

When he moved into the office in early 2014, that’s when Coit met Montana.

Montana was camping out in one of two large cargo containers parked on the empty lot next door.

At the time, Coit said Montana was courteous, maybe even overdoing it.

Coit could see that Montana was struggling financially, so he tried to give him a break.

“That’s what led us to offer him the painting job,” Coit said.

Coit said he hired Montana to work on a small project at a local casino, but after almost two months Coit said the client insisted that Montana had to go.

Coit released Montana, paying him for the work he had done, but not for the rest of the job which was an additional $800.

After he was fired, Coit didn’t hear from Montana for some time, until he received a voice mail with a sinister message.

In the message, Montana talked about guns and what he might do if Coit sent his sons out to look for him.

It was frightening enough for Coit to alert a buddy in the sheriff’s department, but he was told it wasn’t a direct threat.

Earlier this week, Montana surfaced again. He was fired from another job and this time, investigators said he was intent on leaving more than just an intimidating voice mail.

Montana had a host of financial problems.

His California Business License was suspended in October of 2013 for an unpaid balance. He filed for personal bankruptcy a few months later.

The 54-year-old suspect is being held without bail. His arraignment for attempted murder is scheduled for Tuesday.

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