As flames climb, Lakeside Arena becomes safe shelter from West Fire

Lola Jones of Alpine had lunch plans until she opened her door.

“There was a big wall of smoke and fire,” Jones said. “Within five minutes, we were out of there.”

There were two members of their family they couldn’t leave as the flames climbed higher – their horses.

That’s where Lakeside Rodeo Arena comes in. For owners seeking shelter for horses, goats, and even an alpaca or two, the arena is open for those seeking temporary shelter for livestock.

“People and animals…that’s part of their family,” Department of Animal Services director Daniel DeSousa said. “Their goal: get in, get the animals, get them to safety, and get them back to their owners.”

The grounds are the end of a long day for some. Tyler Reese and his mother, Susie, started their day saving horses at Campbell Creek Ranch.

“There was a nice officer that escorted us in,” Susie said. “We walked in where everything has burned down, and picked up 17 horses.”

“I don’t know any of the helpers by name, but I just want to thank them,” Tyler said.

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