Assemblyman Kiley says Gavin Newsom is keeping schools closed for political reasons

SACRAMENTO (KUSI) – The Recall Gavin Newsom campaign continues gain momentum, and as a result of that momentum, Gavin Newsom has began loosening his COVID-19 restrictions.

First he lifted the regional stay-at-home order shortly after signatures crossed 1 million, now he is signaling schools may be able to reopen sooner than expected.

But, many Californians and politicians continue to slam Newsom for implementing such strict restrictions without sharing the “science” that can back it up.

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley says 45 states across the country have already reopened school for in-person learning, but the “California Teachers Association has instructed Newsom to keep schools closed because ‘the virus is in charge right now.'”

Kiley joined KUSI’s Ginger Jeffries to explain in more detail why he and millions of Californians are so frustrated with Newsom’s leadership throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Kiley concluded, “out of all the ways in which this governor has mishandled and mismanaged the COVID-19 response, there is no greater example than his corrupt decision to keep our schools shut down.”

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