Assemblymember Laurie Davies wants voters need to be informed of what Newsom is signing into law

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – By building and maintaining bipartisan relationships with members of legislature, Assemblymember Laurie Davies was able to get several bills passed into law. Davies, who wants voters to be aware of these bills, joined us to discuss the following:

SB 262 (Bail Reform)  – Provides that costs relating to conditions of release from custody, such as GPS monitoring, shall not be imposed on a person released on bail or their own recognizance.

SB 300 (Special Circumstance Murder) – Prohibits a major participant/aider or abettor in special circumstance murder (e.g. first-degree murder because of race, during a robbery, sexual offense, with torture or kidnapping, etc.) who was not the actual killer from being charged, convicted or sentenced for the crime of special circumstance murder (i.e., through the use of the “felony murder rule”) and thereby sentenced to death or life without parole (LWOP) for their actions relating to the crime.

SB 866 (Vaccination Consent Age) – Allows a minor the age of 15 and up to consent to receive any vaccination without the consent or notification of their parent/guardian.

AB 1598 (Decriminalizing Testing Equipment for Fentanyl and Ketamine)-using testing equipment to prevent accidental overdoses and deaths.


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