Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez makes fun of female business owner who is against AB 5

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez got into yet another Twitter feud with a Californian who disagrees with her policies.

Assemblywoman Gonzalez started a Twitter thread saying why she believes the “system is rigged against the working poor and middle class workers.” Gonzalez wrote that she is tired of corporate America, billionaires, and income inequality before going into more detail about why “we are going to have to fight like hell coming out of this to change things. We have no choice.”

Twitter user, @TiffaniCFO, responded by pointing out that Assemblywoman Gonzalez is the system writing, “You are the reason people are out of work and school and options. That’s the truth. I’m so tired of your laws. I’m tired of bought politicians. We will fight like hell to change things. You have given us no other choice.”

Gonzalez, the author of the gig-worker bill AB 5, does not support a suspension or repeal of her bill after major backlash from putting people out of work. Instead, Gonzalez continues to double down on her support for AB 5, even recently telling those who have lost their jobs due to AB 5 to file for unemployment.

Independent Contractors were quick to point out that they wouldn’t need unemployment insurance if it wasn’t for her legislation.

Gonzalez then replied to @TiffaniCFO in a demeaning manner writing, “Ok, ‘Tiffani CFO.’ Ok.”

This tweet was met with another reply from @TiffaniCFO saying, “Yes, I am a CFO and a small business owner. I employ 26 W2 employees, fully cover their healthcare benefits, and sign their paychecks. Your draconian laws have kicked my kids out of school, made it impossible for ICs to survive, and legalized ballot harvesting. NOT OK.”

KUSI News posted the exchange to their Twitter account and it quickly was shared by a variety of people saying this type of response from the Assemblywoman isn’t unusual. Reply to the tweet below to share your opinion on the exchange.

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