Athletic Directors react to the new CIF sports plan

On December 14, the fall schedule will begin, though it could just as easily be called winter. Games in the San Diego section will begin late December and early January. The 8th of January is slated to be week one of football season. Sports like golf, tennis and volleyball will now have the girls and boys play in the same season. The Fall season ends in March for most sports, where spring will then pick up and run through June. State playoffs will be shortened, but still take place.

As we wait to see how the pandemic plays out, the state is also buying time, moving the fall schedule back…and changing the order of when kids get on the field. Nine different sports have had their season changed. Athletic directors have to face some new tough odds. Scheduling takes a different shape. How does one school manage so many sports at one time? What about coaches with more than one sport to coach?


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