Attorney Michael Curran: California’s mask ‘mandate’ is not enforceable by law

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Attorney Michael Curran, who represented hundreds of local businesses as they peacefully protested against the lockdown orders throughout the coronavirus pandemic, now says the new statewide indoor mask mandate is not being issued by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Attorney Michael Curran joined KUSI’s Logan Byrnes on “Good Evening San Diego” to discuss more in detail Tuesday.

It is only a “requirement,” that does not cite “any particular authority,” said Curran.

Curran added that the mandate “is not an order at all, it is a memo, a ruse, a feint,” that is legally unenforceable, warning the state government is trying manipulate the citizens.

He described the action as a “flawed attempt at a mandate” and further explained that an enforceable public safety order must state how it is being issued, upon what law or government code it relies, and the punishment for not following the mandate.

This statement has none of those things, Curran emphasized.

This is a memo issued by California Department of Public Health and does not contain the word “order” in it, Curran added.

The memo made be read on California Department of Public Health’s website here.

Curran supplied KUSI News with the following statement:

Michael Curran Statewide mask mandate is not enforceable by law
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