Author Alex Berenson breaks down how Dr. Fauci’s emails expose his secrets

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Thousands of Dr. Fauci’s have been made public, and many of the emails have brought new questions about the origins of the coronavirus, effectiveness of masks, among other things. The emails reveal Dr. Fauci had a very different perspective in his private conversations compared to what he said in public.

Science Reporter and author, Alex Berenson, has followed Dr. Fauci since the beginning of the pandemic, and joins us now to breakdown the meaning of what Fauci said in public.

Berenson said one of the first things he noticed in the emails, was that Dr. Anthony Fauci was privately warned about the controversial gain-of-function research was going on at the Wuhan lab. Berenson believes this is one of the most important things revealed in the emails, and anyone who brought up the possibility that the virus was man-made, was immediately slandered as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ because Dr. Fauci publicly said this was not possible.

Furthermore, Berenson pointed out that Dr. Anthony Fauci is the most powerful person in the country when it comes to the coronavirus response, and one of the few people in power who publicly supported gain-of-function research.

Berenson is the author of the four-part, “Unreported Truths About COVID-19 and Lockdowns” series, where he broke down his criticism of the lockdowns as a counterweight to the media hysteria that surrounded the coronavirus pandemic.

KUSI News has welcomed Berenson as a guest many times, the first coming all the way back in July of 2020. In that interview, Berenson urged against continuing the lockdowns and warned people the media was overhyping the dangers of the coronavirus.

In that same interview, Berenson strongly advocated for schools to reopen, and cited the incredibly low risk children have to the coronavirus. He warned that the teachers unions may try to take advantage of the situation and not allow the reopening of school.

Almost a year later, Alex Berenson’s warning and predictions turned out to be true, and schools in San Diego County are still not open for five days a week in-person learning.

Berenson joined KUSI’s Ginger Jeffries on Good Evening San Diego to assess how Dr. Fauci’s emails expose him, and look back at how we responded to the coronavirus pandemic.

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