Author Alex Berenson explains the science proves opening schools is safe

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – We hope public schools will reopen across San Diego County, since many private schools have safely done so already.

Schools in Europe and most of the United States have already done so as well, but for some reason, the elected officials in California are way behind.

Author and former New York Time columnist, Alex Berenson, has wrote a series of books, using data to back up his findings, asserting that most people have little to no risk of COVID-19. And since so many people are at low-risk, Berenson has been very vocal in his opposition to the stringent lockdown policies that have been used across the country.

He joined KUSI’s Paul Rudy on Good Morning San Diego to tell us more about why schools should be open, and to discuss the boycott of his newest novel, “The Power Couple.”

Slamming Biden’s alleged plan to reopen schools one day a week, Berenson said, “kids don’t seem to spread this to adults very much, it seems to only go the other way.” Adding that, “all over Europe and most of the world, schools are open, the United States is a glaring exception. It’s terrible. Even the original Biden plan wasn’t very good, because in places like Florida in Texas, where they actually are more scientifically driven on the issue, schools are open.”


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