Author of ‘Unreported Truths about COVID-19 and Lockdowns’ questions our pandemic response

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – As the coronavirus pandemic continues and confirmed cases pass 3 million in the United States, more data has become available to analyze.

After analyzing the data, author and former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson, continues to question the United States response to the coronavirus pandemic.

His new book, “Unreported Truths about COVID-19 and Lockdowns” was temporarily banned from Amazon. He believes it is because the book is very critical of how we have responded to the disease that is not as deadly as was originally thought.

In his book, Berenson explains early Chinese data suggested the virus might have an “infection fatality rate” as high as 1.4 – 2%.

A death rate in that range could mean the coronavirus might kill more than 6 million Americans, although even under the worst-case scenarios some people would not be exposed, and others might have natural immunity that would prevent them from being infected at all.

As we have learned more about the virus, estimates of its lethality have fallen. Calculating fatality rates is complex, because despite all of our testing for COVID, we still don’t know how many people have been infected.

One of Berenson’s biggest critiques of the data is the fatality and infection rates. He says we can’t know the true fatality rate if we don’t know the true infection rate. Berenson believes the infection rate may be much higher than reported, which would mean the fatality rate is much lower than reported.

Berenson also believes that schools should be open. “They should have reopened by May, because all over Europe, Australia, Japan, most of the rest of the developed world, reopened schools by, certainly by early June, and even before that. It is very clear that children are at low risk from this, they are at lower risk from this than the flu, there are more flu deaths than COVID deaths, that has been true from the beginning of this. They don’t seem to spread it very aggressively, they don’t seem to spread it to adults, they’re much more likely to get it from adults than spread it to adults. It is almost criminal to me, that we have denied our children education.”

Concluding his data driven reason to reopen schools, Berenson said, “we have three children, we’ve seen what this has done to them, it is not good for them socially, it is not good for them educationally, the rest of the world has gotten on board and why we haven’t? I do not know.”

Berenson discussed his book and his critique of our efforts to “flatten the curve” in more detail on Good Morning San Diego.

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