Autopsy confirms Christina Anderson died of blunt force injury to her head

Authorities confirmed that Christina Anderson,
who was killed along with her 8-year-old son, allegedly by a longtime family
friend also suspected of abducting her 16-year-old daughter, died of a blunt
force injury to her head.

Anderson, 44, was declared dead shortly before 8:30 p.m. on Aug. 4 in
the burned-out home on Ross Avenue in Boulevard belonging to suspect James Lee
DiMaggio, although the time she was killed was unknown, according to the San
Diego County Medical Examiner's Office and sheriff's investigators.

A search warrant released Wednesday revealed that a crow bar possibly
used in the killing was found by Anderson's head, along with blood, after a
fire captain found her body face-down under a tarp in the garage.

The badly burned body of a child, determined to be 8-year-old Ethan
Anderson was later located inside the residence. The cause of his death has not
been disclosed.

Authorities believe DiMaggio, 40, kidnapped Anderson's daughter Hannah,
killed the Lakeside mother, her son and their dog, and used incendiary devices
to set fire to his log cabin-style home and detached garage.

Sheriff's spokeswoman Jan Caldwell told NBC7 that an image of Hannah and
DiMaggio in his blue Nissan Versa was captured as it traveled westbound
through a U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint on Old Highway 80 in Pine Valley
shortly after midnight on Aug. 4, about 20 hours before the fire was reported.

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