Average pothole complaint takes 22-30 days to resolve

SAN DIEGO (KUSI)- With all the rainy weather this winter, you’re likely to notice even more potholes.  Although Mayor Kevin Faulconer has made a pledge to repair more streets, it looks like the City of San Diego is still falling short in fixing many potholes.

We talked to drivers who complained that the rough roads riddled with cracks and holes cause alignment problems. Some drivers noted that the holes are a safety hazard, when cars try to swerve around them.

Since January of last year, more than 13,000 requests for pothole repairs were sent to the City of San Diego’s “Get It Done” app.

After the request is made, the City can take action, but that doesn’t always occur quickly. City data shows the average repair request takes 22-32 days to resolve.

One resident in North Park used the app to complain about a pothole and broken pavement in the alley behind his home. His request for repairs has now been pending for more than 340 days.

City Councilmember Chris Cate said it was clear that repairs are not being done quickly enough.

Using the app, “Get It Done” or calling or emailing your Councilmember or the City directly is the first step to getting the street or road repaired.

Cate said that city leaders need to ask for changes that will allow the crews that fix the roads to get to the jobs more quickly.

“We have to be asking the question of city staff, ‘Why is it this way?’ How can we speed up this process? What efficiencies can we put into place to make it easier for crews to go out and repair these complaints and fill these potholes when people are reporting them?’ ” Cate said waiting nearly a year for potholes to be fixed is “completely uinacceptable.”

According to the latest data from the city, 86% of all requests to repair potholes or repave streets have been closed out. However, more than 1,900 requests are still pending

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