Aztec fans react to heartbreaking loss in Sweet 16

For Aztec fans, the ride ended too soon, but they were still holding their heads high Thursday night. KUSI's Ed Lenderman was live at SDSU to get a first hand account of fans reactions to the Aztecs loss.

It has been a long day for the team and their fans. Those who didn't attend the game in Anaheim were filling the sports bars all over San Diego. Including one just around the corner from the SDSU campus.

Ten minutes before tipoff and there was still a line out the door at Effin's Pub and Grill in the College Area. Inside, wall to wall San Diego State students and alums.

Early on, as the Aztecs trade baskets with Connecticut, there are huge cheers every time state scores, groans when there was a miss. We may not be in Anaheim, but we're close, the atmosphere is that frenzied, like being at the game and as the second half unfolded, it appeared they might be heading on.

But missed shots and a giant miscue down the stretch doomed the team and a chance to continue to play another game.

Lots of disappointment but also lots of pride in how well the team performed on a national stage. It brought a new elevated sense of school pride, connecting the whole school, alumni's and the San Diego community.

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